Raquel Gronski has been teaching over 25 years. Her studio is a deep developed method of her own signature movements. The workouts are designed to have three purposes:

Keep you fit!
Provide functionality to your life!
And have fun!

Our studio is unconventional in our approach to exercise. We are self expressive, athletic, and heartfelt in our movement.

Raquel Gronski
Creator & Owner RGMethod – Located Inside The IGLOO
13033 Fostertown Rd, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
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Email us at MyRGMethod@gmail.com


We specialize in healthy functional movement with a wide range of formats for all levels of athletic ability. In addition, our springboard classes are the only classes in the area and our boards were custom built by David and Raquel Gronski. Our clients rave about how our springboards have helped them get stronger, build lean muscle, increased flexibility and range of motion, as well as maintain and develop balance. Schedule your Springboard Class today!


To sign up for one of Raquel’s signature workouts, you can go to the App store and get the Schedulicity App or visit schedulicity.com. Once you do that then follow the steps below:

– Click on the login button.
– Search for RGMethod Studio.
– Make a profile.
– Choose a workout!

It’s that simple! You can purchase a class or class pack when you arrive.

Please arrive 15 minutes before class to fill out a waiver and get settled in! Bring a water bottle and towel, wear sneakers, and workout gloves are highly recommended.

Lastly, smile and have fun!

The RGMethod Studio schedule changes monthly to add new formats and challenge our clients. We find this to be a a great way of developing different skill sets so that your body never gets use to any one type of workout! Special events are always being scheduled through out the year as well, so always check the schedule so you don’t miss out on all the great workouts we offer.

Pricing options: 20246388_1411408618913331_1654569027120487833_n

One class: $15
Five classes: $72
Ten classes: $140

Classes DO NOT expire.
Classes are non transferable
and there are NO refunds.
Cash or personal checks only.

Class descriptions:

A signature RG creative class fusion of the pilates springboards and barre. This class wants you to embrace your pilates and barre side. The focus is on form and flow and embracing the exercises to your physique. Add a dash of cardio in the middle and get ready for a workout the will re-shape your body and outlook on fitness.
Beginner to advanced. 60 minutes. Sneakers, smiles, and workout gloves please.

Barre Method is an intense cardio barre workout. Work on your barre technique from standing to sitting positions with light weights and other equipment! Barre Method exercises improve posture and build strength. The combination of the floor combined with standing barre exercises and your bodyweight and gravity creates a powerful core barre workout.
Beginner to advanced. 60 minutes. Bare feet please! Workout gloves recommended.

This interval RG workout is designed to create your new body! We have combined effective pilates floor work with a dowel and the pilates springboards to reshape your muscles, gain balance and core strength, and build endurance.
Beginner to advanced. 60 minutes. Sneakers, smiles, and workout gloves please.

Increase your fat burn by combining a variety of athletic exercises using a step board. Push yourself with non-stop changes and dynamic movement. We play heart-pumping music to create a fun, energetic and effective workout!
Beginner to advanced. 60 minutes. Sneakers, smiles, and workout gloves please.

Watch how fast an hour can go in this signature RG workout is an invigorating training workout! Catch all the different angles of your body using a  bands from the ceiling and floor! Not only will you scorch calories during your workout, but you’ll produce results that will have you coming back for more!
Beginner to advanced. 60 minutes. Sneakers, smiles, and workout gloves please.

Full body training gives your whole body functional, layered movement! Your instructor will choose varied exercises every workout to increase your results! Take a group class with a personal training feel! RGMethod designs each class to be playful and challenging but never duplicated. Life is always changing, and so should your workouts.
Beginner to advanced. 60 minutes. Sneakers, workout gloves and towel please.

Other class formats offered are Barre, Step 360, weight training, chair classes, HIT classes, band classes, and so much more. We have limited space for each class, so remember to book your classes and never miss a workout.





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